[Mono-list] Problem with MySQL Data Provider (ByteFx)

Reggie rykr@comcast.net
Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:25:38 -0500

> Yes...and no...
> MySQL defaults to "localhost" for hostname if none is=20
> provided (assuming you are connecting from the local server=20
> of course). However, somewhere along the way "user@localhost"=20
> is being replaced by "user@localhost.
> localdomain" (which is the form most often put in /etc/hosts=20
> by default in RedHat, at least). To put it another way,=20
> someone is doing a resolver lookup on "localhost" instead of=20
> just passing it along when "user@servername" form is used.=20
> Reggie has been made aware of this but he points the finger=20
> at the authors of the Mono libraries (in other words, it's=20
> not his problem and he has no plans to fix it).=20

This is absolutely not true!  I have been made aware of the problem and =
not provided a fix for it yet.  This does not mean that I am refusing to =
it.  When it was mentioned to me before, I suggested (before I even =
at it) that it might have something to do with Mono.=20