[Mono-list] gtk# app installer

tsoroka@schron.pl tsoroka@schron.pl
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:35:07 +0200 (CEST)


Just I cannot guarantee that on windows computer will be M$ .NET installed.
And I don't want rely on that - this app is for people without any
knowledge about computing, and I want have very easy installer.

At all I wouldn't rely on anything :) I mean I would for example
install my app to:

c:/Program Files/myapp

There should me installed MONO, GTK/GTK# and my app
my app should use this copy of mono and gtk - even if in system is also
installed any other copy of mono, gtk/gtk#.

I would like have it done in such way because I would like to be able make
easy app updates with update of mono, gtk... without say to user - first
uninstall mono, then gtk, and at least install new versions of that and
then my install new version of my app... but when you use any other
software with older version of mono, you have problem... I hope You
understand what I mean.

I think that this piece of software could be very usefull.


ps. Can I look into installer you mentioned about? Is there any cvs for that?

> Well, do you need Mono there, on Windows ? You can just rely on .NET.
> As for GTK/GTK#, we have an installer coming very soon for Windows.
> Erik
> On Jun 27, 2004, at 2:34 PM, Tomasz Soroka wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I did app in gtk# and now I would write installer for windows. I would
>> like have all needed things in one installer.
>> - mono
>> - gtk# libs
>> - gtk+ libs
>> It should installs all in one place, and should be very easy - user
>> shouldn't know what technology was used.
>> Can You give me any advices how to do that?
>> best
>> Tomek
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