[Mono-list] Using rug to install Mono

Matthew Reeve matt@rangie.com
Sat, 26 Jun 2004 13:54:49 +0100

I am currently tasked with reviewing mono for work, but I am having =
installing on my test rig. The initial test environment is Mandrake 10, =
this will make up the first wave of deployment, focussing mainly on =
on apache for the time being. I have listed the problems below and I =
someone can help as I am keen to get mono into use within our =

> The new mono web site says that rug is the preferred way to=20
> install mono.
> I downloaded and installed the command line version and=20
> subscribed to Mono.

I have also tried to install mono using rug, however I have not been =
able to
subscribe to the mono channel. I am using the command line version as my
linux test box is a remote server, I have googled until my fingers bled =
have found no help so far.=20

Following the instructions at :-

I have done :-

rug service-add https://forgerce.novell.com/data=20

which was successful, then :-

rug activate --service=3Dhttps://forgerce.novell.com/data forge-key

Which worked, but=20

rug activate --service=3Dhttps://forgerce.novell.com/data mono-key

Didn't work. When I try and subscribe to the channel using=20

rug subscribe mono
Or rug subscribe Mono

I receive the following message

Warning: Invalid channel: 'mono'

Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance

Matthew Reeve