[Mono-list] Re: Visual Studio Addin for Mono

Francisco T. Martinez martinf@mfconsulting.com
Wed, 23 Jun 2004 07:37:52 -0500

Daniel Morgan wrote:

>I like the idea for testing Mono stuff in vs.net.  I already do this.
>I have a vs.net solution that has various assemblies built, mostly for
>testing and debugging System.Data and its data providers.
>Two big reasons why I use vs.net to do Mono stuff: debugger and editor.
>...since there is no Mono debugger on Windows.
>Wouldn't it be cool if someone created a Glade addin?  This way we could
>visually design gtk# apps in vs.net.
As a little update to the development status of my Add-in, I have 
completed the first Alpha release of it.  It is contained in an MSI 
file.  I will likely change it to a NSIS installer package later on.  If 
you or anyone decides to install it, you can expect this.:
       - A new pop-up menu called prj2make placed  at the top of the 
Visual Studio .NET 2003 Tools menu.
       - Create Makefile should generate acceptable nmake.exe 
Makefile.Win32 files targeting csc.exe and the .NET runtiime.
       - All other menu options are to be treated as "Under 
Construction" (I have kept them there as a preview of where I am going 
with this).

You can find the MSI on the 'files' section of the Novell Forge project 
page for prj2make-sharp:
should be near the bottom of the page. Or you can fetch it out of the 
Forge ftp site using:

>Somone may have already created a Nunit GUI addin for vs.net, so getting
>that to work for testing Mono would rock!
The initial work on this Add-in (going on 43 hours) has lead me to 
believe that the biggest contribution that this effort can give the 
community right now is the core mechanics on how to write a VS Add-in in 
the first place. If nothing else you can always look at the code in CVS.

>I know SharpDevelop has an Nunit GUI integrated. 
The Add-in could have been a lot further along in terms of capabilities 
and functionality, but no one has collaborated with me in the issues 
that I posed on a posting I submitted on Jun 19 to the [Mono-devel-list] 
with Subject: Visual Studio Addin.

I realize that everybody is very occupied right now with Mono 1.0 
release issues, but I can't help to feel a bit sadden by the fact that 
aside from you and Urs, I have not received any comments (good or bad) 
on this effort.

Best regards.