[Mono-list] Presentation ideas

Mike Morano mmorano@mikeandwan.us
Tue, 22 Jun 2004 22:49:02 -0400

	Thanks for asking this initial question.  I too am planing to give a 
presentation to the engineers at the company I work for, and try and promote 
the use of Mono (and Linux) as a viable option for our clients.  
	Is there already a location, (or should we create one), where we can share 
presentations / promotional material?  I think we need this material to a) 
demonstrate the strong offering that mono has, both from compatibility with 
MS.Net as well as integration in the native Linux environment [prove the 
technical merits of mono], and b) build a business case on why a company 
would consider this.  [Is there already planned promotion of mono to this 
extent, for the business folks?  I realize the new website (which, btw, is 
very nice!) is in part due to this change in focus].  Perhaps we can reuse 
techniques that were quite successful in promoting Gnome itself.
	I recall during the Mono Developer Conference, that Miguel mentioned some 
really interesting studies they had performed before starting mono, in 
regards to increasing developer productivity on Linux, and how this is a 
great migration path for Win developers.  I think these sorts of studies, 
along with existing systems that have been using mono (the site in Munich 
sounded particularly interesting), would be very helpful to promote the 
adoption of mono in the enterprise.
	I hesitate to bring this up yet again on the mailing list, but I think a part 
of this material should be very clear statements in regards to the 
relationship of this project and MS, and the ever difficult license/patent 
questions that always arise.  Compared to everyone else on this list, I would 
consider myself very ignorant when it comes to the details of this 
discussion, and think it would be very valuable if all the folks trying to 
promote mono (such as myself) all had a common message or answer to these 
lines of questions.  As promoters of mono, we must be able to clearly answer 
these concerns, and inform the decision makers of any risks that might be 


On Tuesday 22 June 2004 03:07 pm, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
> > > I will be giving a presentation to my local LUG introducing them to
> > > Mono. Does anyone else have a set of slides and/or demos that will show
> > > off features that mono can do that MS.NET doesn't, or good visual
> > > features of mono?
> >
> > I don't have any slides, but here's an idea for what "mono can do that
> > MS.NET doesn't": Generics. :-)
> >
> > OK, that's not really true -- Microsoft has released a beta for generics
> > support, as has Mono, but I suspect it's easier to get the mono-preview
> > package than the Microsoft beta...
> There are a few other Mono-isms that set it apart from Microsoft's .NET:
> 	* Supports Sparc Solaris, MacOS X, Linux PPC, IBM S390 with its
> 	  JIT and HPPA with the interpreter.
> 	* Open Source: you can reuse chunks of it elsewhere (Compact
> 	  Framework users are known to pick pieces of our class
> 	  libraries to reuse them on Windows CE).
> 	  Plus the standard open source benefits: you can learn, copy,
> 	  improve, remove, distribute, innovate on your own.
> In addition, we also have a series of libraries that happen to work out
> of the box with .NET but originated in Mono:
> 	* Relax NG support.
> 	* An enhanced crypto stack.
> 	* Gtk# and associated libraries.
> 	* Cairo graphics support.
> 	* Various providers for databases.
> And we run a lot of third party components that work both on Windows and
> Linux.
> Miguel.
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