[Mono-list] Mono embedding on Win32?

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Tue, 22 Jun 2004 18:53:16 -0400

Just a guess...

It may help you to build Mono from source.  Either from a release
tarball or via a build script.  The build script would download the
necessary dependencies, check mono out from cvs, and build mono for you.
For the build script, all you need is cygwin (with the binutils
installed) and the build script.

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Rest assured that I am aware of the binary format differences, and the
fact that I have to build two copies of the app. I just want the
embedding API to be the same, rather than going the Mono route on Linux,
but the managed C++ wrapper route on Win32.

My specific question was, indeed, how to get the Windows-format link
libraries for doing embedding on Windows.

Thanks for the answer, and here's hoping that someone else knows how to
get ahold of these.


			/ h+

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> I downloaded the installer for the beta3 release of Mono for Win32. I 
> would like to embed Mono in a Win32 app, rather than using Microsoft 
> .NET, because the app also runs on Linux.

I am pretty sure you can't embed Mono in your app in such a way that the
same compiled version of your app will run on Windows and on Linux.
Reason: Windows expects a PE binary file, which you COULD put together.
But then Linux is looking for an ELF binary file to execute.  The two
formats are mutually exclusive.  Plus, Mono must be compiled for each
platform it will run on.  If you compile your app on Windows with Mono
embedded inside, that same embedded Mono will NOT run on Linux.

But maybe you've thought of this and are planning on compiling and
distributing two versions of your app.  If so, I think that will run
fine. I'm afraid I don't have the expertise to answer your other

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