[Mono-list] COM + / spread / mono in corporates

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:16:43 -0400


>         I would just like to get a clarification of your last statement in the 
> previous posting on this thread. Are you saying that you are not considering 
> any System.Messaging implementation until Mono 2.0 or later (at which time 
> Indigo would have been out as 1.0)?

Yes, that is correct.

> I've got a set of apps that are relying on MSMQ to do async message passing. 
> I'd like to have those apps run on Linux or at least under Mono even if it's on 
> Windoze. One of the issues that prevents me from doing that is the fact that 
> System.Messaging isn't implemented yet and that support for 
> System.ServiceProcess & System.Configuration.Install isn't complete. 

The later two are easy to work around, so am not too worried.  It is so
simple to write, am perplexed nobody has done it yet.

> Could you please share your vision (and timeline) on these pieces/classlibs?. 
> While not crucial to Mono development in general, these could be pretty 
> important decisive factors for many developers trying to get their business 
> apps ported over.

Well, as I said, no plan on doing the message queue system for Mono at
this point.  If people are interested, we can offer assistance, but our
focus after 1.0 will be:

	2.0 Profile support for our assemblies
		XML 2
	Visual Basic.NET
	Windows.Forms completion.
	Gtk# 2.0

This is what my team will do.  But in the open source world, anyone can
step up and fill in the blanks.

The problem with message queue software is that few people need it, and
it is not something that attracts developers to write it.  And also,
the current version of it has a relatively limited life-span because of

My suggestion for someone interested in doing this woudl be:

	* Use an existing out-of-process message queue server (tons
	  written in Java).

	* Provide an API to call this server from C#.