[Mono-list] Embedding mono

Rodrigo B. de Oliveira rbo@acm.org
Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:47:01 -0300

Em Sex, 2004-06-18 ās 06:08, Joe Ante escreveu:
> Hi,
> We have been using python for scripting in our game engine before but we
> want to switch to mono.

Just ouf of curiosity why are you doing that? If I read you correctly
you're gonna replace python by c# (the de facto CLI language) as the
scripting language of your game and btw <shameless-plug>have you
considered boo (http://boo.sf.net)?</shameless-plug>

> Our script files are currently not stored as individiual text files instead
> they are serialized in one big file. Is it possible to pass mono a c string
> for compiling instead of a file?

You'll have to find a way to pass that string to the selected language
compiler, you might want to check this:

Best regards,