[Mono-list] Re: C# plugin for eclipse

Gregory Bowyer gbowyer@freeshell.org
Sun, 20 Jun 2004 15:45:14 +0100

Erik Dasque wrote:
> Well, I think that developers are unlikely to drop the development tool 
> they like to use another one even if it's arguably better. MonoDevelop 
> is shaping up to be a great tool and we like it very much. However, we 
> have to make sure that we look beyond MD and provide support to other 
> IDEs and that includes Eclipse.

Ok your points are valid and I was not thinking through the human issues 
   in development.
>>>>> I don't know whether we want to limit intellisense to only working 
>>>>> if Eclipse is running inside IKVM, though. A bridge to the CLR from 
>>>>> a generic JVM using only JNI but providing the same capabilities as 
>>>>> IKVM, compatibly, would be the holy grail ;)

Can java programs running inside the IKVM utilise .net objects inside 
the CLR (just like VB.net programs talk to C# code and such forth)

>>>> However you could run a process (read mono application) that the C# 
>>>> plugin would communicate with and that would tell it what 
>>>> completions are. This application could be built using some of the 
>>>> engine work in MD (a GUI less MD engine).

If this is the case then might it be an idea to seperate out the backend 
of mono-develop (and in part sharp-develop) and then write front-ends to 
this code, granting us the ability to use the backend stuff with a wide 
variety of platforms and development tools (ie a GTK# front-end, a 
windows frontend , links to emacs / vim eclipse etc), with some 
discussion with the sharp-develop team we could all work against a 
common backend reducing the amount of work involved for all ?!? .