[Mono-list] Embedding mono

Joe Ante joe@uti.is
Sat, 19 Jun 2004 17:08:41 +0200

> It sounds like you want a highly dynamic environment, in which existing
> code can be changed at runtime, with older code silently invoking newer
> code.
> I don't believe it's possible, or at least easily possible, to do this
> in C#.  This sounds more like something System.Reflection.Emit and a
> custom compiler would be useful for.  That way, you could ensure fast
> compile time, and you could come up with a custom way for pre-existing
> code to invoke newer code without requiring recompilation (interfaces
> might be good for this).
Ok I think I formulated the problem not very well. I think its good enough
to create one assembly for an "island of scripts" that somehow depend on
each other. Very often in our engine we have the case that just 1-3 scripts
depend on each other. So I want to make sure that when someone changes one
of those 3 scripts, we will only recompile those 3 scripts and not every
single script in the entire project.

So I would like to have something like C's #include "foobar.cs" thingy, from
which I can then generate a dependency list so that I know which files to
recompile when the user saves a script.
Am I completely off track and stuck in the C past with that idea?

How does monodevelop handle this? I mean when you change a single file in
one project does monodevelop recompile every single .cs file that makes up
the exe?

Joachim Ante