[Mono-list] Embedding mono

Joe Ante joe@uti.is
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 22:08:48 +0200

> It should be possible to load assemblies on demand.
Ok so how exactly does this work?

Say I have two .cs files. One calls a function in the other .cs file.
Obviously just compiling the two .cs files seperately in two different
.dll's gives me a compile error for the .cs file that tries to use the other
.cs file.

So is there some kind of import/include mechanism?

The problem I am trying to solve is:

We have a game creation tool which includes a text editor to change scripts
(At the moment using python). Python has a import function, which is
necessary if you want to use a class that is defined in another script file.
We intercepted the import function and returned it the correct python script
and built a dependency tree. When the user saves a pythonscript we recompile
all pythonscripts that import the script the user has changed.
It is very important for us that saving/recompiling is immediate (less than
half a second).

So whats the best way to do that?

Joachim Ante