[Mono-list] mod_mono not processing pages

amerigo5 amerigo5 amerigo5@hotmail.com
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 11:06:24 -0500

Could be a typo?

248 <Directory /usr/local/share/doc/xsp/text>

"..........xsp/test" instead of ".........xsp/text"

Hi all,

I've compiled mono and XSP/mod_mono with apache 2.0.48. Installing went fine 
but now I have the problem that my .aspx pages are not processed. They are 
accessed without errors but the C# statements are just visible instead of 
the content they should generate.

My Apache config is as follows:
== SNIP ==
    242 Alias /mono "/opt/apache/mono"
    243 Alias /demo "/usr/local/share/doc/xsp/test"
    244 MonoApplications 
    245 <Directory /opt/apache/mono>
    246         SetHandler mono
    247 </Directory>
    248 <Directory /usr/local/share/doc/xsp/text>
    249         SetHandler mono
    250 </Directory>
== SNIP ==

I am confused, any suggestions/hints?

    Sander van Vliet

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