[Mono-list] ADO.NET plans for Mono 1.0

Sébastien Robitaille sebastien.robitaille@croesus.com
Thu, 17 Jun 2004 23:12:18 -0400

Hi Daniel,

> What problems are you having with Mono.Data.SybaseClient?

With SybaseClient, I cannot open a connection (exception thrown, see http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=60320)

I also tried the Generic Tds Provider. With this one, the connection opens, but as soon as I execute a simple SQL request (SELECT)
with the datareader, the program hangs (I did not investigate why).

> 1. You could use our System.Data.OleDb or GDA# (found in GTK#) and
> libgda to connect to freetds.
> 2. An interesting alternative to try is use the jtds JDBC provider on
> IKVM running on Mono.

I will have a look at OleDb and GDA#.
The alternative #2 is not interesting for me, because it is actually an argument "against" using mono for our project (The other
option for the project is to use Java).

As I said in my original message, we have to do a proof of concept that will influence the choice of platform (mono vs Java). I
would personnaly prefer mono, but the risk must be acceptable... If the database access is "shaky" for Sybase, we will undoubtedly
choose Java.

The choice of Database is very important for us since all our actual products use Sybase.

> I would look at freetds and jtds to see what's going on.  Use my
> favorite debug tool Console.WriteLine().

Since I do not have any TDS background, I think that the learning curve is too high for now and it would require too much of my
time. I will probably invest some time tracking bugs in the Odbc provider instead ...

Please let me know if there is any progress for the SybaseClient provider.