[Mono-list] Managed access to Dbase files?

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 19:16:12 -0400

Just some thoughts...

What is your code licensed under?  MIT/X11?

I bet it would not be hard for someone to put this in a Mono data
provider, such as,

Probably, it might need a SQL parser.  Wonder where someone could get a
simple SQL parser written in C#.

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Read only access for Dbase III files for my Gis project.


do with it what you will.

> > > Does anyone know a purely managed .Net way to query *.dbf files?
> > > using MapServer to do some web GIS stuff with ESRI shapefiles, but

> > > would like to use Mono's ASP.NET for querying.  Any ideas?

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