[good] RE: [Mono-list] Q: how's using Mono in the corporate/enterprise world?

ted leslie tleslie@tcn.net
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 12:17:08 -0400

We (an ISP in Toronto) have used it for two sizable projects to date,
1) the backend of a Macromedia flash music player service for the music 
festival  NXNE  (a sister fest to SXSW),
    which had ~400 bands playing in Toronto just this last week. And 
this music model will be used for other venues/showcases.
2) the Canadian Wide Science Fair - A site that organizes all the 
students across Canada that do a Science Fair (in the finals).
       this involved a conversion of MS-SQL to Postgres, the only hitch 
was Postgres doesn't appear to support multiple DataSet return (from 
       and thus we devised a procedure to kinda emulate this.


Andrew Arnott wrote:

>>I'd like to collect "case studies", or "simple references" of
>>organizations, corporations, software houses, financial institution, no
>>profit orgs, anyone...using Mono for:
>Here at Brigham Young University of Provo, Utah, we are preparing to use
>Mono, especially mod_mono, to fill a gap that IIS cannot fill with our web
>applications.  Specifically, Windows is very slow in accessing Novell shares
>compared to Linux.  Also, IIS cannot host ASP.NET apps when their files are
>stored on Novell shares.  Mono has no problem with Novell shares, which
>makes it the ideal solution.  
>We will be using Mono to host dozens of web apps, most of them taking
>advantage of some advanced features in mod_mono and the System.Web
>I speak not for all of BYU, but for one college within it, called Family
>Home and Social Sciences.
>Andrew Arnott