[Mono-list] nighltly build

KiOrKY KiOrKY <kiorky@goddess-gate.com>
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 09:24:08 +0200

OK, so im happy to listen that i have done fine for a long moment.
however when i compile nant with last nightly build (of mono and nant)  i got compilation errorsbut when i do make install in mcs095(release) directory after installation of the nighly build , all is going fine ! so its why i was thinking that classic make wxas not suffisant. What is the "fullbuild" rule ? because when i use it i get an corlib error (got 21 need 22)
why ?

Iain McCoy <iain@mccoy.id.au> a écrit :

> On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 16:51, KiOrKY wrote:
> &gt; can someone gives me stes to compile nightly builds bnecause im thinking
> that i do it wrong !!!!
> &gt; 
> &gt; i cant access cvs because enterprise 's firewall... so i can just download
> packages in &quot;dayly&quot; part of the web site
> &gt; 
> &gt; i want to refresh all the apps (mono but mcs too !)
> &gt; regards
> Download a mono snapshot from the website, http://www.go-mono.com/daily
> . You do *not* want a monocharge or a monolite; you want the mono
> package. At the moment, that's mono-0.96.20040614.tar.gz
> Use either tar with the zxvf switches or an application like file-roller
> to extract the tarball
> open a terminal; cd into the directory you extracted the tarball to
> run ./configure, or ./autogen.sh if there's no configure. Make sure all
> the dependencies you need are satisfied.
> run make
> run make install
> You should now have a mono install in /usr/local. You may need to set
> environment variables so it takes precedence over one installed from a
> package; the relevant variables are PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH, IIRC.
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