[Mono-list] [ANN] Npgsql 0.6 final released.

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. fxjrlists@yahoo.com.br
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 00:45:58 -0300

Hi all,

It's a pleasure to say Npgsql 0.6 final is released.

Npgsql is a .net data provider for postgresql in 100% managed code.
More information can be found at:

Release notes:

After so much time without a release, we finally got this out! Sorry
for all this time without releases. We will try to get more often releases
from now on.
    I'd like to specially thank Glen Parker (glenebob at nwlink dot com) 
for all the help given in this release. Thank you very much Glen!

    What's new in this version:
    - Connection Pooling support. Glen Parker worked very much in the
redesign of connection pooling. You can use the connection pooling
by specifying the following key-value pairs in the connection string:

    MaxPoolSize: specifies the max number of connections Npgsql will use
for its pool.
    Pooling: True or False. Controls whether connection pooling is 
used.  Default = True;
    Timeout: Time to wait for connection open in seconds.

    - SSL Connection support. You now can connect to postgresql using 
ssl connections. To
do so, you must add the pair ssl=yes in connection string. Thanks Carlos 
Guzman (carlosga at telefonica dot net)

    - More connection string options:
    Protocol: Protocol version to use, instead of automatic; Integer 2 or 3;
    Encoding: Encoding to use when connected to backend. Currently can 
only be SQL_ASCII or Unicode. Default: SQL_ASCII.

    - Error Handling:
    NpgsqlException is now used exclusively for errors reported by the 
    NpgsqlException now provides access to all information returned by 
the backend with an error. (More specific informations as error number 
only available on 7.4+ server versions)

    - General:
    Protocol version 3 handling is much closer to completion.
    Lots of API documentation added.
    Bug fixes:

    Added support for Unicode encoding. Fixes feature request 534 on 
gborg. Thanks Ivar
<ivar at lumisoft dot ee> for pointing it out.

    Added code to set datestyle to iso when connecting using protocol 
3.0 version. Thanks Sami Kuhmonen <feenix at iqs dot fi> for pointing it 

    Faster support of bytea binary data. Thanks Jackson Harper (jackson 
at ximian dot com)
and Jonathan Gilbert (2a5gjx302 at sneakemail dot com). The performance 
for adding binary data is
10x faster than original code :)
    CommandBuilder and better Dataset support. Thanks Pedro Yoros (yoros 
at wanadoo dot es).

    Fixed problem when getting empty resultsets. Thanks lynnroth for 
pointing it out.

    Connection.Close couldn't be called twice. gborg 828. Thanks Glen 
Parker (glenebob at nwlink dot com)

    Wrong date format sent to DB. Thanks Glen Parker (glenebob at nwlink 
dot com)

    RedHat Postgresql messes version string. Thanks Glen Parker 
(glenebob at nwlink dot com)

    NpgsqlMessageTypes.EmptyQueryResponse doesn't read enough from 
response string. Thanks Glen Parker (glenebob at nwlink dot com)

     Problem with czech diacritics. Thanks stehule at kix dot fsv dot 
cvut dot cz for the patch.

    fill method updates db without specifying insert command and creates 
wrong commandtext.