[Mono-list] MonoApplicationsConfigDir instead of MonoApplications

Pablo Fischer pablo@pablo.com.mx
Sun, 13 Jun 2004 14:40:34 -0500

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Well, I don't know whats happening with my mod_mono, I did that and
worked, then get back (removed MonoApplications and replace
MonoApplicationsConfigDir) and is working with webapps (without
MonoApplications) I restarted my computeres and continues working,

Also, When I try to open http://localhost/samples the browser tries to
download the page (like a zip), but if I open:
http://localhost/samples/button.aspx it works.

My mono.conf

# Default configuration, don't edit it!
<IfModule mod_mono.c>
  MonoUnixSocket /tmp/.mod_mono_server
  MonoServerPath /usr/share/dotnet/bin/mod-mono-server.exe
  AddType application/x-asp-net .aspx .ashx .asmx .ascx .asax .config
  MonoApplicationsConfigDir /etc/mono-server
  MonoPath /usr/share/dotnet/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/share/dotnet/lib
     Alias /samples "/usr/share/asp.net-demos/asp"
       <Directory /usr/share/asp.net-demos/asp>
         SetHandler mono
           <IfModule mod_dir.c>
              DirectoryIndex index.aspx

Maybe more bugs?

El dom, 13-06-2004 a las 14:11, Gonzalo Paniagua Javier escribi=F3:
> El dom, 13-06-2004 a las 20:29, Pablo Fischer escribi=F3:
> > Hi!
> >=20
> > I'm running mod-mono-server 0.14 and mod_mono 0.10.
> >=20
> > I'm trying to run many applications using a .webapp file. However, when
> > I try to view an application with my browser I get a:
> >=20
> > "Service Temporarily Unavailable"
> >=20
> > In error.log are messages like:=20
> >=20
> > Not running mod-mono-server.exe because no MonoApplications specified
> >=20
> > So, how can I use MonoApplicationsConfigDir to read those
> > 'MonoApplications' instead of using the MonoApplications directive?, is
> > there a trick?.
> >=20
> > I preffer a .webapp cause each user can setup his applications instead
> > of writing them in mono.conf.
> That was a bug in 0.10 that is fixed in CVS. If you dare, try it from
> CVS, if not, add one application using the MonoApplications directive
> and the rest with .webapp files as a workaround until next release (that
> will be soon).
> -Gonzalo
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