[Mono-list] New web site up

Dan dan@astusa.com
Sat, 12 Jun 2004 22:24:24 -0400

I completely agree, gotta eat your own food, so to speak.  Also, there
should be mono logos that can be placed on websites that are running mono.

-Dan Maltes

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I know this was said in jest, but having the Mono site running on Mono seems
like a fairly important objective to me...

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> :O no ASP.NET? You have to demonstrate your own technology!
> Surely you have a C# based content management system behind the site 
> ;)
> Further than that, really kewl site! (And a really nice color for 
> "Contributing to Mono!", the entire streets here currently have that 
> color, because we are going to win the European Championship soccer 
> title :) )
> I believe the most important thing for now is that users quickly can 
> find the information they need, which was a bitch at the old site.
> Greetz,
> -- Rob.

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