[Mono-list] Q: how's using Mono in the corporate/enterprise world?

Carlo Baffe Carlo.Baffe@ctp.com
Fri, 11 Jun 2004 17:05:30 +0200

hi all,
 this is the first time I write on this list, so I hope not to be

I'd like to collect "case studies", or "simple references" of
organizations, corporations, software houses, financial institution, no
profit orgs, anyone...using Mono for:
- developing new "smart client" cross-platform applications
- developing web applications
- porting .net apps to Linux using Mono
- building web services (server-side) using Mono
- building web services clients using Mono
- ...anything else

anyone can help?

I am doing this because I want to push Mono with very large financial
institutions here in Italy and some good references would be useful.

thanks in advance for any answer