[Mono-list] How install mono and xsp in red hat 9.0?

Roberto Jimeno jimeno@servidor.unam.mx
11 Jun 2004 00:21:59 -0500

Hello Juan,

there's more than one way in which you can install xsp/mono on RedHat-9;
maybe the simplest way to do so is:

Download every RPM file for Mono 0.31 on Red Hat 9 from Mono's web site
then install using "rpm -U *.rpm"

I suggested 0.31 because it matches the most recent RPM for mod_mono. If
you don't need mod_mono and xsp/mono would do just fine, you can
download the more recent Beta2 instead of 0.31 (from

Finally, since I don't like to install everything therefore my favorite
way to install Mono is by downloading Ximian's Red Carpet (from
ximian.com), then subscribing to Mono´s channel and selecting whatever I
actually require; then Red Carpet deals with the dependencies and
installs every required package.

I hope this have answered your question.
Good luck!

On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 13:48, Juan Jose Torres Chavez wrote:
> hi everyone
> i have a question:
> How install mono and xsp in red hat 9.0?