[Mono-list] Multiple ASP.net VirtualHosts, running as `/'

Steve Deobald steve@citygroup.ca
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 21:21:06 -0600

Does anyone know the proper way of configuring the snazzy new beta2
mod_mono to run on multiple VirtualHosts as `/'?

Here is my current configuration:

    Alias / "/home/something/public_html/"
    MonoApplications "/:/home/something/public_html/"
    <Directory /home/something/public_html/>
        SetHandler mono

    [...everything else...]

This works fine for `www.something.com', but I have another
<VirtualHost> directive farther down my httpd.conf which specifies
another Mono app to run as "/". However, it redirects to
`/home/something/public_html/', rather than its own directory. Any
ideas? Is there a way to limit the `Alias' (which I'm assuming is the
problem) to a single VirtualHost? Thanks.