[Mono-list] New web site up

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Fri, 11 Jun 2004 08:13:11 +0900

| As some of you may know, we're moving to a new site (the old one will
| be phased out eventually) and to new content and design. We'd love
| feedback on it before we push it out officially :

I love it!  Great work!

I have one small comment about the navigation menus on the left.  The
behavior of the menus on the About Mono page is different from those on
Using Mono and Contributing to Mono.  It seems if the menu item opens a
sub-menu, it doesn't have any page content on the right to go with it.
However, those that don't open a sub-menu give a new page. These two
different behaviors should look different in some way IMHO.

I'd suggest putting a "+" in front of the menu item, or some "this menu
expands" indicator in front of those that expand.  Also, possibly it would
make it more consistent to have some content there for that main menu item
even if it does expand into sub-items.

Perhaps if Ben's suggestion of a visual clue for the currently selected menu
item is incorporated, part of this issue will be solved. Note that when you
first click on Using Mono you are put on the Installing Mono page which is a
sub menu of Quick Start, and then clicking on Quick Start just collapses the
menu, but Installing Mono is still the content shown on the right.  This is
a bit confusing, again IMHO.

Looks great though!  Good work guys!

Nick D.