[Mono-list] Adding value

Fabrício Santos fabricio.santos@quicknet.nl
Wed, 09 Jun 2004 23:06:25 +0200

I forgot to add that I can join any group or project speaking Portuguese,
Spanish, French or English.


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> Viva a todos,
> Not sure if this is the right list to send this message to but here I
> :-)
> I recently installed Mono on my Linux box and after some struggle I
> to get the very basic stuff to work by compiling the mono-0.95.tar.gz and
> the mcs-0.95.tar.gz packages. I had to do this as the Mono RPMs for Fedora
> were giving me an error that I couldn't resolve without recompiling it:
> [root@sereia mono]# mono
> mono: error while loading shared libraries: libmono.so.0: cannot handle
> data
> I have not seriously developed any software since 1995 and decided to
> learning it again. Before 95 I even developed a programming language based
> on Pascal and generating assembler code so I know the basics very well but
> have definitely lost the boat of OOP and GUI programming...
> As I would like to come back to some code development but need some
> that I will not be able to get at work (I work in IT but in support of
> networking devices) I would like to add some value and for that matter I
> would like to contribute to a open source project that uses mono as the
> development tool... Yes, if I'm coming back I want to do it in a clever
> and use the development tools of the future! ;-)
> Of course I have some requirements but I believe they are simple to
> Project with not GUI design and implementation involved that works with a
> MySQL database. It can also be developing some parts of a GUI application
> but doing work not related to graphical output. If you know of such a
> project that needs help please let me know and I will get in touch with
> people involved.
> Maybe it would be wise to reply directly to me for not disturbing the rest
> of the list any more than I have already done with this message.
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> -fs
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