[Mono-list] Linux 'services'

Morten Krog fafner@fafner-net.dk
Tue, 08 Jun 2004 22:33:44 +0200

On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 19:50, Bailo, John wrote:
> I write a lot of windows services in c#
> Now that I am learning mono -- can you tell me:
> 1. What is the equivalent for linux?

A program like any other program. Linux does not have services per se. A
service is simply a program that is started when the machine boots in a
given runlevel.

Usually such programs are launched from /etc/init.d/

RedHat distros ships with a script called chkconfig in /sbin/chkconfig
that can add your program to the services of the machine.

It is standard to wrap your program in a shell script that launches the
program itself and make it behave like a service. Everytime I have to
make such a script I take a look at the redhat apache launch script in

Disclaimer: Other distros might organise all this differently -- I'm not
that experienced with all the different distros.

> 2. Does monodevelop have a template for Linux services?

Yes and no. Yes because it is just a regular program; no because the
shell-script wrapping you have to do yourself.

> 3. Is there a tutorial or article you can point me to ?

Google is your friend; other that that take a look at how other services
are started.

Morten Krog

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