Rodolfo Campero rodolfocampero@hotmail.com
Tue, 08 Jun 2004 17:23:39 +0000

Hello Kiorky,

I know others in the list already told you this, but please, PLEASE, stop 
sending duplicated messages to the list and asking all the time the same 

Think about the forum as a live repository of problems and solutions: (most) 
other people only care about the problem and the solution. If someone ask 
you to send more info in private, please do it that way. Messages like "have 
you solved it?" add no value.

One piece of advice: if you are using a web-based email service, go to your 
inbox folder immediately after sending a message; if you don't do this, your 
message will be sent every time the page reloads.

Also check your spelling and write properly: that way will be easier for 
other people to find a solution to your problem using search engines.

Finally, watch your language: it not only makes you look stupid, also some 
may find you are disrespectful with them about their work.

With kind regards,


>From: KiOrKY <kiorky@goddess-gate.com>
>Reply-To: KiOrKY <kiorky@goddess-gate.com>
>To: Carlos Guzmán Álvarez <carlosga@telefonica.net>,"Francisco Figueiredo 
>Jr." <fxjrlists@yahoo.com.br>,<mono-list@lists.ximian.com>
>Subject: Re: [Mono-list] POSGRESQL / NPGSQL / MONO / DATASET
>Date: Tue,  8 Jun 2004 16:33:45 +0200
>is iot whe you
>dataapdter.fill( dataset) ; because its there i have problems !

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