[Mono-list] mcs and mono package

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mono is the runtime (class libraries etc)
mcs is the c# compiler
Mbas is the vb.net compiler
mint is the interpreter=20

Hope this makes things a little clearer.


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In this page:
The Virtual Execution System is available in package `mono'. Please refer to
our Runtime description for more details on this part of the project.=20

Optional packages are `libgdiplus' (if you want to do graphics), `winelib'
(if you want to run the alpha winforms support). The package `mcs' contains
the C# source code to the compilers and class libraries.

Ok.... what is difference between mono and mcs? I am confuse.... Before I
read that page carefully, I thought mono is same with jre and mcs is same
with javasdk. But after reading the page, here is my thought. The mono is t=
runtime and compiler and the class. But mcs is the source code of the mono.
So which one is true. ... Can you explain it to me, guyz????

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