[Mono-list] mcs and mono package

Melinda melinda_sayang@hotpop.com
Tue, 08 Jun 2004 18:41:31 +0700

In this page:
The Virtual Execution System is available in package `mono'. Please
refer to our Runtime description for more details on this part of the

Optional packages are `libgdiplus' (if you want to do graphics),
`winelib' (if you want to run the alpha winforms support). The package
`mcs' contains the C# source code to the compilers and class libraries.

Ok.... what is difference between mono and mcs? I am confuse.... Before
I read that page carefully, I thought mono is same with jre and mcs is
same with javasdk. But after reading the page, here is my thought. The
mono is the runtime and compiler and the class. But mcs is the source
code of the mono. So which one is true. ... Can you explain it to me,