AW: [Mono-list] System.IO.Directory.GetFiles does not return allfiles

Jochen Wezel
Mon, 7 Jun 2004 09:26:53 +0200

I hope, this will change in the near future? Or isn't it seen as a bug?


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El vie, 04-06-2004 a las 14:25, escribi=F3:
> Hello!
> =20
> I'm porting an application to run under mono on linux=20
> (Mandrake). The porting has been pretty painless up until now.
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> When I use System.IO.Directory.GetFiles to get a listing of all files=20
> in a specific directory I do not get all files in return. All files=20
> with filenames containing swedish letters are left out. Linux itself=20
> handles them perfectly, I can search for the files, browse for them=20
> and look at them (they are image files...). When run under .NET the=20
> application behaves perfectly.
> =20
> Has anybody seen this behaivour before? Is it a known issue?
> =20

You have to provide a colon-separated list of encodings in =
MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS environment variables.

See the manual page of mono for details.


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