[Mono-list] CS0659 warning not emitted.

Roberto Jimeno jimeno@servidor.unam.mx
06 Jun 2004 01:59:51 -0500

Hi all!

AFAIK, when a class overrides the Object.Equals(Object) method and do
not overrides the Object.GetHashCode(Object) a warning should be emitted
by the compiler. In fact I remember I've seen mcs behaving like this in
the past, but now that I've upgraded mcs I'm not getting that warning

Please tell me if you think this is actually a bug and I should zilla it
or not? A simple example at the end of this message.


(have I just created a neologism? "Zilla that bug!" instead of "Create a
bugzilla report for that bug!")

using System;
using System.Collections;
class Obj
  public override Boolean Equals(Object o){
    Console.WriteLine("Equals(Object) was called");
    return true; // or false; no matter which one.
class principal
  public static void Main()
    Obj a = new Obj();
    Obj b = new Obj();
    ArrayList al = new ArrayList();