[Mono-list] Muno usage problem

Alexander Panov sangata@hotmail.com
Sat, 05 Jun 2004 18:56:32 +0000


my name is Alexander Panov. I am a .NET Developer. I found out MONO like an 
year ago, but now I really need to use it.
I have developed a .NET application in C# and i want to run it on Linux. I 
have SUSE 9.1 Pro.

The problem is that I can't run MONO neither on the SUSE Linux, nor on 
Windows XP.
I have downloaded the Beta2 Setup for Windows and the corresponding set of 
packages for SUSE Linux.
Under Windows i Setup Mono, and i don't know how to run a .NET application 
with it. There is no help file also.
Under SUSE(where i am a begginer) i installed the 54 packages and also don't 
know how to run my program.
Note that my idea is only to run a .NET application built with MS Visual 
Studio .NET 2003 with MONO on Linux (and Windows) and not to build new .NET 
applications using MONO compiler and environment(at least for now).

My request is:
give me a detailed instructions what I have to do in order to run an already 
build .NET program with MONO on both Linux and Windows(like you need to 
install this packages; after that run this tool or start your exe with this 
application or whatever it takes, but in a way to be followable)


send me a link whare it is described.

I can't find such on www.go-mono.com

Otherwise the idea is great and congratulations!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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