[Mono-list] System.IO.Directory.GetFiles does not return all files

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo.reply.to.the.list.iam.suscribed@ximian.com
Sat, 05 Jun 2004 16:25:16 +0200

El vie, 04-06-2004 a las 14:25, martin.ernbo@kentor.se escribió:
> Hello!
> I'm porting an asp.net application to run under mono on linux
> (Mandrake). The porting has been pretty painless up until now.
> When I use System.IO.Directory.GetFiles to get a listing of all files
> in a specific directory I do not get all files in return. All files
> with filenames containing swedish letters are left out. Linux itself
> handles them perfectly, I can search for the files, browse for them
> and look at them (they are image files...). When run under .NET the
> application behaves perfectly.
> Has anybody seen this behaivour before? Is it a known issue?

You have to provide a colon-separated list of encodings in
MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS environment variables.

See the manual page of mono for details.