[Mono-list] Dream of Mono, GTK#, and XSP Beta 2 Windows Installer

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Fri, 4 Jun 2004 20:57:31 -0400


I would like to have a Windows Installer for Mono Beta 2 that includes
the following:
- Mono Beta 2
- GTK# 
- XSP 
- Static HTML docs

Gonzalo has provided us with a Windows Installer for Mono Beta 2.   See
the Mono download page.

John Luke is working on a GTK# Windows Installer that will work on .NET
then he will create a GTK# installer
 that will work on Mono.  Jluke, can we get a sneak preview please?

Joshua has created static HTML pages for Mono and GTK# at


The docs are in .tar.gz format, so you may need cygwin to un-tar-gzip
These docs were created from a tool he created.  He has since added this
tool to monodoc.

Now, if we can get get XSP to work on Windows.  I know it builds on
Windows, but I am unable to get pages.  This could be my
misunderstanding of how to get it to work.

While I'm dreaming, let me dream BIG:
- bundle with SharpDevelop
- include GTK# apps that work on Windows and Linux, such as, SQL# For
  Please let me know if you know of other GTK#/Mono apps that work on
Linux and Windows.
- get mod_mono to work with Apache on Windows

Two things I think Mono needs on Windows:
- a printing engine that works on Windows and Linux.  Not sure how this
could be acomplished.
- an imaging API that works on Windows and Linux.  On Windows, use TWAIN
underneath, on Linux, use SANE underneath

Anyways, these are my dreams.  Anyone care to help make it a reality?