[Mono-list] how to do proper role based authentication in web apps

DI Mag. Rainer Burgstaller rainer.burgstaller@web.de
Fri, 04 Jun 2004 11:20:03 +0200

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004 16:20:16 +1000, Peter Foley <peter.foley@abs.gov.au>  

> Have a look at the Microsoft MSDN site. There is a document there about  
> the
> Providers pattern which is used in ASP.NET 2 for a membership class. It  
> is very
> straightforward to write your own membership class that uses a provider  
> e.g. a
> sql database to store rol info.

Hello Peter

thanks for the quick reply.

I think I found the article you mean  
Is this functionality already supported by mono / xsp /mod_mono?

I had a quick look at SqlMembershipProvider.cs in mono-0.91 but there all  
functions threw the notimplementedexception. So I guess the answer is no.  
Or is the framework already in place to place in my own MembershipProvider?

Also from a quick glance on the document I am not sure how to integrate  
it. Do I still use the FormsAuthenticationModule or not?