[Mono-list] MCS hanging using beta 2.

Dennis Boylan mono@b-lan.com
Wed, 2 Jun 2004 17:29:39 -0400

While I'm trying to compile one of the pieces of our product, I get past
the point where mcs is missing all of the required DLLs and it hangs.

Here is the command line in use.

mcs -r:System.Web.dll -r:System.Web.Services.dll -r:System.Data.dll -r:System.Drawing.dll -r:/home/dennis/Dev/IPalEq/Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.dll -r:./IALib/IALib.dll -target:library -out:"IAAdmin.dll"  -resource:./AddCust.aspx.resx,AddCust.aspx.resx  -resource:./Customer.aspx.resx,Customer.aspx.resx  -resource:./ExtCust.aspx.resx,ExtCust.aspx.resx  -resource:./Global.asax.resx,Global.asax.resx  -resource:./Login.aspx.resx,Login.aspx.resx  -resource:./RegCust.aspx.resx,RegCust.aspx.resx  -resource:./RegIPal.asmx.resx,RegIPal.asmx.resx  ./AddCust.aspx.cs ./AssemblyInfo.cs ./Customer.aspx.cs ./CustPage.cs ./ExtCust.aspx.cs ./Global.asax.cs ./Login.aspx.cs ./RegCust.aspx.cs ./RegIPal.asmx.cs \
&& cp "IAAdmin.dll" ./

It was generated from MD with hand edits to set the MCS_OPTIONS for the
required DLLs.


- Dennis