[Mono-list] mcs cannot compile on NFS shares due to Win32 locks

Simon Ask Ulsnes simon@ulsnes.dk
Wed, 02 Jun 2004 16:25:00 +0200

I am running Mono on Gentoo Linux, in a perfectly normal environment.
To get the error message, I only have to cd to an NFS share and execute 
mcs on a C# file...

This is very much a Mono problem.

- Simon

Andrew Arnott wrote:

>I assume you are running Mono on Cygwin.  I think this is related to a
>problem with IIS serving ASP.NET pages up from NFS shares.  For some reason,
>file locking is buggy.  I never did figure it out.  But my guess is that it
>is not a Mono problem.
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>Subject: [Mono-list] mcs cannot compile on NFS shares due to Win32 locks
>I have all my work stored on NFS shares from my server, including 
>programming projects. I just installed Beta 2, and found that 
>compilation for some reason always failed. I then found out that it only 
>happens when I compile a project stored in a NFS share, not if I compile 
>it locally.
>The error message:
>error CS0016: Could not write to file `io.exe', cause: Win32 IO returned 
>Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings
>- Simon
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