[Mono-list] Mono with MySQL; Glade and Menubar

Colin colbec@ca.inter.net
Thu, 29 Jul 2004 16:01:01 -0400

Two questions if I may:

1. I have set up a simple application using MonoDevelop (Mono 1.0, most 
recent versions of everything according to Red Carpet) to access data in 
a local MySQL database. When compiled in MonoDevelop I get messages 
about not finding the necessary assemblies for accessing mysql, however 
in a command line interface specifying the libraries with -r params the 
programme compiles and runs just fine. Am I missing some kind of 
directive in MonoDevelop that would allow it to find System.Data and 

2. In another application I have a simple glade window with one button 
working fine, however if I add a menubar to the window I get a lot of 
warnings about "Unknown property stock_item in class GtkImageMenuItem" 
followed by other errors. Does this mean that some elements in the GTK+ 
bag of goodies are currently supported, and others not, or am I missing 
another specification?