[Mono-list] Cross-platform GUI.

David Burnett vargol@nospam.ntlworld.com
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 22:57:02 +0100

Erik Dasque wrote:

> The Mono favoring Mac hackers would be doing us a great favor if they 
> could commit some resources to a 'native' OSX GTK port. The current 
> ports are pretty stalled.
> Or actually, Apple could/should.

It would be nice wouldn't it, but unlikely unless you know something
the rest of us do not, like Apple have been taking an interest in Mono.
I would guess that Apple would more likely be interested in the cocoa# 
end of things, although their Swing port was above and beyond the call 
of duty :-).

I just think that any Mac coding Mono hackers whether they be Ximian 
employees or the Mono community hackers have the CoreGraphics / X11 / 
GTK knowledge needed to successfully complete a GTK+ port.