[Mono-list] stop in the FreeBSD's ports install

John Merryweather Cooper john_m_cooper@yahoo.com
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 03:39:12 -0700

On Sunday 25 July 2004 10:28 pm, Millet Z wrote:
> mono-list=A3=AC=C4=FA=BA=C3=A3=A1
> 	       i install mono in FreeBSD 4.10,but stop in the "make install".when
> it's copying the dlls to GAC,it stop.who can tell me about this?
> =A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=D6=C2
> =C0=F1=A3=A1
> =A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1Millet Z
> =A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1milletz@163.com
> =A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A12004-07-26

It is more helpful if you write me directly at coop9211@uidaho.edu concerni=
=46reeBSD-related problems than if you write this list.  First, I'll be=20
completely unaware of a FreeBSD-related problem otherwise.  Second, there's=
more expertise on the problem on freebsd-gnome@freebsd.org and to myself at=

In a nutshell, some configurations of -STABLE result in deadlocks of some s=
either in libgc or in the threading library itself (on -STABLE, this is=20
libc_r) when running gacutil.exe during the install.  Actually, considerabl=
more is going on than just copying of files.  gacutil.exe is itself a Mono=