[Mono-list] Gtk# on Windows.

Daniel Carrera dcarrera@math.umd.edu
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 15:46:52 -0400


I just wrote a simple program with Mono/C#/Gtk#.  It runs fine on 
Linux and I want to get it to run on Windows as well.

I just installed Mono 1.0 on a Windows XP box.  I have also ran 
setmonopath.bat.  Now, when I tried to run the program, it complained 
that it couldn't find glib# and gtk#.

   WARNING **: Could not find assembly glib-sharp, ...
   WARNING **: Could not find assembly gtk-sharp...

So it looks like there's something I failed to do.  Does anyone know 
what that might be?

Thanks for the help.

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