[Mono-list] C# Functionality

Jérôme Laban jlaban@wanadoo.fr
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 19:53:32 +0200


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> On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 21:14, Rohit K Gupta wrote:
> > Hi to all,
> >  
> > i was wondering about the fact that
> > as C++ provides for Operator Overloading and Friend 
> Functions ,does C# 
> > Provide such functionality?
> > Operator overloading is as its name implies
> >     we can define operator functionalities for user defined classes
> >  
> > and friend functions are those which can be defined outside 
> the class 
> > but declared friend to the user defined class so that it can access 
> > private memebers of the class.
> >  
> > now  by friend where i am confused  is in C# we can define friend 
> > classes, members and  functions but those are part of class 
> and can be 
> > accessed in same assembly only by making the instace of the class 
> > whereas  the c++ friend function can be called without instace of 
> > object but just by passing it in arguments
> Not too sure about the operator overloading, I know it can be 
> done, I've just never needed to do it myself. As far as 
> 'friends' go, there is no polymorphism in C#, so you are 
> either a derived class or you are not.

There is polymorphism in C# and in .NET in general. I think you are misusing
the word and maybe you wanted to say multiple inheritance, which is not
available in .NET thus in C#. Multiple interface implementation is allowed,

C# cannot define friend elements and allows static operator overloading
(compared to instance operator overloading that can be found in C++).

Jérôme Laban