[good] [Mono-list] ASP.NET - usability/robustness/safety

ted leslie tleslie@tcn.net
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 13:49:49 -0700

Ron Afloh wrote:

>I had a few questions about ASP.NET as supported by
>mono and apache.  In short, i'm considering using it
>to write a commercial webpage and wanted to get
>feedback from you guys on how good/bad of an idea this
>1) Is the ASP.NET mono sections + apache plugin "ready
>for primetime" -- i.e., has this stuff been "load"
>tested, is the security there, can it scale to handle
>a fairly large website?  
>2) Are any other non-hobby sites using mono's asp.net
I used it for the Toronto NXNE music festival web site (the venue 
schedule and music listing part),
it got hit at a pace of about 50,000 page hits (in its busiest period) / 
day. About 2000 unique vistors per day.
Infrequently, the mod_mono process would constantly take some cpu time 
(even when no hits) and the pages would not serve up,
a early-morning cron to restart mod_mono/apache kept it reiable, but I 
am also using a 4+ month old version on Mono.
No other problems except above have been noticed. Id hope the new 
version doesn't have this issue.

>3) If the asp.net stuff is not ready for full blown
>commercial websites....  any ideas on when that level
>of robustness/security/load-handling will be there? 
>4) From what i've read, ASP.NET is not covered under
>ECMA specs and therefore is not as legally safe from
>lawsuit from MS as the compiler/JIT/corelibs are.  So
>would it be stupid to risk using mono's ASP.NET
>implementation for a commercial venture -- i.e., too
>risky legally?
In our projects, some of the programmers develop in the MS .Net Visual 
and test on their IIS  and with a Postgres DB running on a Linux box,
then they simply load it on to the Linux server as they finish it, so it 
works on the MS environment
to begin with then dropped into Linux. If MS flexs some muscles at a 
later time, worst case, it gets hosted on a MS box,
but I think thats unlikely, and if it got to that point, MS would 
probably have a .NET product for Linux.
So to be safe, you might want to make sure what you create runs on both 
systems (as you create it).
There is no IDE for Mono yet (monodevelop doesn't have a html layout - 
integrate components to DB fields - etc), so
you probably will end up using MS Visual studio anyways, so you know it 
will work on MS, you'll just deploy
on Linux to save on the OS cost (perhaps the DB cost),  and of course  
reduce all the time wasted in installing virus defs, service patches,
and fighting blue screens ......
At this time we have had to avoid (to be functional on both platforms),  
Server.Transfer  (use Response.Redirect), and turning off components,
and thus setting Validation for them to "false" also is buggy, other 
then these two issues, so far, all we create works between the two 

>I did read the FAQ and searched the last few months of
>postings and didn't really see anything that answered
>all of these -- hopefully i didn't miss anything to
>obvious :)   I'm also aware that some of these
>questions are not black and white and may not have an
>answer at all -- regardless, i appreciate everyones
>input and suggestions.
>Cheers -
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