[Mono-list] is there a way to start .exe without needing to type 'mono' on windows?

Ellis, Edward edward.ellis@pnl.gov
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 09:23:46 -0700

The Environment class provides OSVersion (Microsoft Windows NT
5.1.2600.0) and Version (1.1.4322.573), which is the Framework version
number.  However, since Mono aspires to look *exactly* like the MS
Framework, they have not provided a way to tell that you are running
Mono instead of MS.  I think the only way to tell would be to look for
some of the Mono extension classes.

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Sam Jost said the following on 23/07/2004 10.30:

>I could get my apps to use mono, but I would have to build a special
>for use with mono, even two I fear since I would need to use a
>call from Process to start mono on windows then I would need on unix
>needs 'mono.bat' to find mono, and I don't think mono is ending in .bat
>unix *g*).
> =20
This is a common issue.. I'm also having trouble for this.
I believe the best way to workaround is to detect internally if you're=20
running on mono/linux, mono/win, ms framework/win, etc.
Is there a way to do that? I think this can be useful also with Ado=20
connection strings, and other exceptions...