[Mono-list] is there a way to start .exe without needing to type 'mono' on windows?

Sam Jost monolist@radeldudel.de
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 10:30:15 +0200

For testing mono I installed the runtime on windows xp. It is running (most)
.net-apps fine as long as I start them with 'mono myapp.exe'.

Is there a way they get startet without explicit using 'mono' (short of
installing MS .net framework)? Now when I start a .net app with mono
installed I get some 'app could not be initialized 0xc0000135 error).

I ask because my app consists of a bundle of .exe files starting each other
using System.Diagnostics.Process, and even though the first app runs fine
when I start it using 'mono myapp.exe', it fails to load the subsequent apps
since I dont state in my process starts to use mono.

I could get my apps to use mono, but I would have to build a special release
for use with mono, even two I fear since I would need to use a different
call from Process to start mono on windows then I would need on unix (it
needs 'mono.bat' to find mono, and I don't think mono is ending in .bat on
unix *g*).