[Mono-list] Mono debugger

Emilio Guijarro Cameros cyberguijarro@terra.es
Mon, 19 Jul 2004 16:00:36 +0200

Ive tried to compile, install and use the mono debugger for months, but I
get nothing but error messages and a bunch of very very long stack traces.
My problems are the following:

Some weeks ago, I managed to compile the release 0.9 of the debugger and
install it, but the graphical front-end was not included (where is it? Im
getting crazy looking for it in the source code) and the interactive
debugger did not work as spected (after loading any executable the debugger
crashed in some module referring to scripting). Now I cant even compile the
debugger, getting the following error:

wrapper.c: In function `debugger_class_get_static_field_data':
wrapper.c:121: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type

Im using Deban Linux with kernel 2.6 and the lastests releases of mono
runtimes/compiler. Im working in a compiler targeting the .net platform and
debugging programs in both platforms is a high-priority task in the project.

Thanks in advance.