[Mono-list] missing "native feel" ?

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 11:42:55 +0000

I have pointed to it, already for a year, but I think, I now ask again, what 
you think, about a better integration of mono in the system.

Have a look at MS-Windows and .NET:
To run there a .NET program, called "program.exe" you only need to type 
"program" in the console. Thats the same like running a normal native-code 
program. And for Windows-developer and -users the feel of .net programs are 
like native-programs.
Thats the same like the DOS-emulation in WinNT and the Win16-support in 
WinNT. They are not natively running on it. But you don't have the feeling, 
that the programs are different to the normal Win32-programs.

Have a look at the most used languages in Linux/Unix:
C, C++, Python, Tcl/Tk, Perl and Shell-scripts.
C and C++ are running natively. The other languages are script-languages. 
But normally you _don't_ start them by typing in "perl program.pl". You 
integrate normally in the first line
and chmod it to executable.

I know, that it is possible to run mono-programs without writing "mono" for 

But the binfmt solution alone don't give a native-code feeling.
For example: On Linux all Mono-Libraries are ended with .dll, instead of .so 
. And all programs are ending with .exe .

With full native-code feeling I mean the following:
- All libraries on Linux/Unix ends with .so instead of .dll.  For example: 
mscorlib.so insted of mscorlib.exe
- That "mcs program.cs" creates on Linux/Unix a program called "program", 
which is chmoded to -rwxr-xr-x insted of -rw-r--r--
- That not MONO_PATH show where to look at mscorlib.so. Instead this it 
would be better, that Mono looks at LD_LIBRARY_PATH for .net-libraries.
- better integration means also support by unix-tools. For example that 
"ldd" not only show the dynamic linked libraries of nativecode-programs. It 
would be nice, if it also shows the .net-libraries of .net-programs.

That is, what I mean, with best integration in the system, so that there 
existing a native-feeling by using .net-programs.

Btw: Do anybody know, how far the integration of mono in Windows is?
For example: If anybody don't have installed .net on Windows. And only Mono 
is installed, is it possible to run the programs by typing "program.exe" in 
the console, or is it needed to type "mono program.exe" in it?
I think an integration in Windows like the real .net do it, would be nice 
for ReactOS in the future. Because it is not allowed to install .net on 
other systems then Windows.

Btw2: Do anybody know, how executable-programs looks on Microsofts Rotor? 
Are they ended with ".exe" too, or without it?


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