[Mono-list] Mono: Post 1.0 plans and development update.

Atsushi Eno atsushi@ximian.com
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 13:23:15 +0900

Paulo Aboim Pinto wrote:

> I use mono essencially to make WebApplications,  and  i can't seen new 
> good features in that area. For example the XSP sucks. We cannot use 
> this kind of server in a production environment
> and i think this component should  evolute for this server work as iqual 
> as IIS.

I could not get what "new good features" means here... (I think
clarification is needed here). It just confused me, because I won't
expect "new good features" for a "server in a production environment"
(such things usually unstabilizes the product). Maybe you could use
apache+mod_mono instead of just xsp. It sounds like demanding the
early tomcat being rich as apache (with many rich modules) is.

Atsushi Eno