[Mono-list] Re: Bootstrapping

Norbert Bollow nb@SoftwareEconomics.biz
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 16:47:12 +0200

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Todd Berman <tberman@off.net> wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, who the hell cares?
> Neither one is trojaned. Lets just move on.

I have decided to honor your request and "move on", i.e. this
is going to be my last posting in this thread.

However, I'd like you to understand why at least from my
perspective this is not a satisfactory resolution:

I believe that many people will agree with me when I say that
it is evil monopolistic bahavior when Microsoft spreads FUD
against GNU/Linux, the GPL, and the open source movement.

Now Novell apparantly also has a policy of spreading FUD, namely
against a GNU project that their Mono project happens to
compete with.  That is essentially the same kind of behavior.

Novell should stop this behavior and issue an official, public
apology which covers both this and their previous FUD attacks.

Greetings, Norbert.

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