[Mono-list] bug in HttpWebRequest and https ?

Harobed mailing@harobed.org
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 11:30:16 +0200

Le mar 13/07/2004 à 08:23, Tomar a écrit :
> There is no bug.  A "System.Net.WebException" is supposed to be thrown
> when GetResponse fails which in this case there is no web server on
> localhost can handle https.  WebRequest.Create will return a
> HttpWebRequest object.  It isn't till it tries to create the streams by 
> "GetResponse" that it can tell if it will work.
> Maybe the WebException message should match what MS .Net 1.1 gives which
> gives a better exception message "The underlying connection was closed;
> Unable to connect to the remote server." but beyond the message its
> doing the right thing.  A "WebException" is thrown in the right place at
> the right time...assuming that your web server can't handle https
> requests.

I don't understand why it ? Because when I start firefox on
https://localhost/ it's work with success.

I use mono v1.0.

You can help me ? My exemple work on your computer ?
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