[Mono-list] SPEC files.

Roger Sylte rogsy@online.no
Thu, 8 Jul 2004 23:41:03 +0200

On Wednesday 07 July 2004 00:11, Lyndon Tiu wrote:
> Fedora Core 2 RPM of Mono installs and works fine on Mandrake 10.0.

Mono 1.0 and MonoDevelop 0.5 RPMs are available from Mandrake in the Cooker 
RPM source.

Being a MandrakeClub member installing was easy. First I searched for the Mono 
RPMs on the MandrakeClub web-site (http://www.mandrakeclub.com) and found the 
urpmi command needed to add the Mandrake Cooker RPM source (choosing a mirror 
of my own liking). Then I installed using the command 'urpmi 
monodevelop-0.5-1mdk' (as root of course). Just had to give my approval to 
download a bunch of dependencies and wait for the download.

Once the Mandrake Cooker RPM source has been added you can also search for and 
install Mono using the GUI installer in the Software Management section in 
the Mandrake Control Center. The Mandrake Cooker RPM source can be added from 
the Media Manager GUI found in the same location as the GUI installer.

Now I am running MonoDevelop, giving it an critical eye being used to Visual 
Studio 2003 from work... ;-)

All Mono contributors: Congratulations with the Mono 1.0 release!